Single Flame Source Ignitability Test , Flammability Test Apparatus EN ISO 11925-2

Building Material Ignitability Test Apparatus EN ISO 11925-2 Single-Flame Source





Ignitability test, also called single-flame source test .Test apparatus corresponds to standard EN ISO 11925-2. Test results of the building structure can be classified according to standard 13501-1.

The dimensions of the test specimens shall be (250 ) mm long by (90 ) mm wide.

45°-tilted burner is advanced horizontally until the flame (length 20 mm) reaches the pre-set contact point with the test specimen. Tests may need to be conducted to either surface exposure or edge exposure, or both. The flame application time is 15 or 30 seconds as required by sponsor.

During the test following is recorded: whether ignition occurs; whether the flame tip reaches 150 mm above the flame application point, and the time at which this occurs; whether ignition of the filter paper occurs; observations of physical behavior of the test specimen.





GB / T8626-2007 Test Method of Flammability for Building Materials

EN ISO 11925-2:2002-Reaction to fire tests- Ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame-Part 2: Single-flame source test

DIN 4102





This apparatus made up of two parts: burning chamber and control device.

Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz;

Burner: diameter 0.17mm burner with regulator; four ¢4mm air suction inlet;

Gas source:>95% propane gas;(user should provide for themselves)

Gas pressure:10kpa~50kpa

Flue air velocity:0.7m/s only on condition of burner burning and draught hood open,

Time adjustment of continuous flame: 0 ~ 99minutes99seconds

Time adjustment of afterflame: 0 ~ 99minutes99seconds

Timer accuracy:≤1s/h

Anemometer accuracy:±0.1m/s.

Burner angle: 45°

Material: stainless steel

Observing window: two big viewing windows on the front and right side


Whole set: control device, burning chamber,burner,magnetic valve,flame lighter, signal control line and specimen holder.

Equipped with a digital anemometer/thermometer and a stopwatch for simple but accurate measurement of the flow, temperature and time.


Single Flame Source Ignitability Test , Flammability Test Apparatus EN ISO 11925-2


BS EN ISO 11925 Part2-2010.pdf


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