ISO11341 / ASTM D1148 Environmental Test Chamber For Xenon Weathering Aging Test

ISO11341, ASTM D1248, ASTM D3451, ASTM D1148 Xenon Weathering Aging Test Chamber





UV accelerated weathering test chamber simulates damaging effects of long term outdoor exposure of materials and coatings by exposing test samples to varying conditions of the most aggressive components of weathering - ultraviolet radiation, humidity and heat. A UV weathering test chamber uses fluorescent lamps to provide a radiation spectrum centered in the ultraviolet wavelengths. Moisture is provided by forced condensation, and temperature is controlled by heaters.



Main technical parameters:


Model YY1023
Inner size 1170×450×500(L×W×H)MM
Outside dimension 1300×550×1480(L×W×H)MM
Whole chamber materials 304# stainless steel
Temperature range RT+10℃~70℃
Temperature uniformity ±1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Temperature control PID SSR control
Humidity range ≥90%RH
Controller Korean TEMI 880 programmable controller, touch screen, LCD display
Control mode Balance temperature humidity control (BTHC)
Communication port Be able to control the machine via computer using TEMI control software through RS-232 port on the machine
Test cycle setting Illumination, condensation and water spray test cycle is programmable
Distance from specimen to lamp 50±3mm (adjustable)
Center distance between the lamps 70mm
Lamp power & length 40W/Piece, 1200mm/Piece
Lamps amount 8 pieces of UVA-340nm imported Philip lamps
Lifetime of lamp 1600Hours
Irradiance 1.0W/m2
Wavelength of ultraviolet light UVA is 315-400nm
Effective irradiation area 900×210mm
Irradiation black panel temperature 50℃~70℃
Standard specimen size 75×290mm/24 pieces
Water depth for water channel 25mm, automatically control
Testing time 0~999H, adjustable
Power AC220V/50Hz /±10% 5KW
Protection Overload short circuit protection, over temperature protection, water lacking protection
Corresponding standard ASTM D4329,D499,D4587,D5208,G154,G53;ISO 4892-3,ISO 11507;EN534;EN 1062-4,BS 2782;JIS D0205;SAE J2020



Structure of test chamber:


1, using CNC equipment manufacturing, advanced technology, and beautiful appearance;

2, made of stainless steel, 1.2mm thickness;

3, the air path inside the single cycle system, import a axial fan, the air flow increases the light, heat capacity, significantly improves the uniformity of temperature in the test chamber;

4, Lamp: special UV ultraviolet lamp, two rows of eight, 40W / support;

5, lamp life: above1600h;

6, the consumption of water: tap water or distilled water to about 8 liters / day;

7, 8 pieces of UVA lamp installed on both sides;

8, the heating tank for the interior heating, warming fast, uniform temperature distribution;

9, is a two-way clamshell lid, close ease;

10 automatic water tank level to prevent damage to the heating pipe air burning

11, a sample holder made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy;

12, at the bottom of the unit using high quality PU wheels fixed;

13, the drainage system using a U-shaped plot sinks drainage;

14, the test sample surface with UV light parallel to the plane;

15, internal automatic sprinkler system installed sprinklers, adjustable water pressure;



Protection System:


1, ground protection;

2, the power overload short-circuit breaker;

3, the control circuit overload, short-circuit fuse;

4, water protection;

5, over-temperature protection;



Heat System:


1, using U-shaped titanium alloy high-speed electric heating pipe;

2, temperature control and lighting system is completely independent;

3, the output power by the microcomputer temperature control algorithms to achieve high precision and high efficiency power efficiency;

4, with anti-over-temperature heating system features;


ISO11341 / ASTM D1148 Environmental Test Chamber For Xenon Weathering Aging Test



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Environmental Test Chamber

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